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Can the World Survive Another Haiti?

The people of Haiti have had to endure some surreal circumstances here lately. The epic disaster that they suffered is almost Hollywood movie material. What is even more perplexing is the over whelming sympathetic response of citizens the world over. Never could anyone have imagined the events that have and that are taking place in Haiti, we all thought that Katrina would be the worst weather related trauma we would see in this lifetime. However, if you read the Bible, or are and avid science enthusiast you must know that both dictate that we are living in the last days; both sides of the coin spell future disaster for the world over.

How many more disaster can the world, can the US take? How many more telethons can we hold? How many more $57 million dollar fundraising campaigns can we feasibly afford? The answer is simple, not many. What is even harsher a reality is that in the years to come things of this caliber will continue to occur. Nations will crumble, finances will continue to change in a yo-yo like fashion, and the world will experience soul wrenching devastation like nothing we have ever conceptualized before. Nostradamus and many like him have foretold of the disturbing events that are too come. Scientist have produced reports of cosmic events that have shattering consequences and the Bible states that we are living in the last days. In these final days what will we do? Who will guide us? Will we all rise to the call as often as it is heard, or will begin to fall short a take a limper attitude? Are we prepaid for a total depletion on all conceivable fronts? In a nut shell no. There is no possible way that we can do what we did for Haiti another 5-10 times at least not as comfortably as $57 million.

With all this in mind will you begin to rethink your current position in life, or will you continue to ignore the obvious and live frivolously? I am hoping that if nothing else we have learned from the Haiti situation that pro-action is required and not reaction. We don’t have the resources to be a reactive nation, or world for that matter. There are countries the world over and places here domestically that are in dire need of structural and economic improvement. We need to reevaluate the way things stand and begin to aim at reinforcing already shabby infrastructures and economies. In addition, I hope that you will choose to spend you last days doing the things that are worth remembering for an eternity.


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