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You want fries with that?

Ever wonder how some people ended with jobs that require more than the classic, “you want fries with that?” phrase? I do, and I do way too often. Lately it seems that people are holding positions that they seem to be under qualified for. It amazes me how people can obtain these jobs and know that they are not exactly the best candidate for the opening. Recently I have experienced this in the administrative field, educational arena and even believe it or not in the retail field. I have to ask how some of these people are graduating from high school? Who is handing out these bogus diplomas?

It is very sad to see that people are holding down positions that they have the slightest amount of qualifications for. One thing that I have learned here in Hawaii is that it really is who you know that makes all the difference (just ask the local P.D. how they all got their jobs). Anyway, I have come see that most jobs here are not based on merit or scholastic aptitude, but good old fashion referrals. That’s right; who you know makes all the difference here. Maybe I should clarify that its not just here, but being that this island is only so big it seems more prevalent. Favoritism my friend is alive and well, and it pays to be friends with the cool kids. So, make sure you get in with the cool crowd and make sure you don’t skip any college mixers because those my friend are where you might meet your feature bosses and coworkers.


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