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We can do better…I’m sure of it. -Caution this post is for the ladies.-

Okay ladies please let me know why so many of you are settling for less than mediocre men? I mean no man is perfect but settling for even less than almost perfect is ridiculous. We have to do better, we can do better. How can we expect to find the cream of the crop when we are not even sure what that is? We have to become more self-aware, and more self-confident. Self-esteem is as much an inward issue as it is an outward issue. We don’t need validation from men or anyone else for that matter. Life is so much better when you are living for you, when you love you. Consequently that is also when love and happiness seems to find us.

Before we can receive that stellar partner we’ve been praying for, asking for, searching for we have to make sure that we are ready. Ready means knowing our flaws and working on them, it means knowing that we don’t have to take the first man that comes our way, it means knowing what direction in life we are headed and it means broadening our horizons. Throw out the concept of types of men, of superficial qualities that must be present and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. We can do better and we will do better. Life is always going to give you lemons at some point, no woman is lemon exempt and if they say otherwise then honey they are lying. But, what you have to do is make lemonade. Ladies take time to get know yourselves, know where you stand emotionally and I promise that what you are looking for will

 find you. As longs as God knows that what you’re longing for is what you need. You must understand that what we want is not always good, and it’s certainly not always what God know is good for us. So, I challenge you to do the following exercises to help you find you and see if things don’t change. See if your perspective isn’t renewed; see if you don’t do better.

1.) Listen to classical (soundscapes, folk, etc…) music and while doing so journal, don’t think write. Write about what troubles, what you want in life and from your partner. You’d be amazed at what you’ve been hiding from even you.

2.) Compliment yourself and others at least 2 a day, watch the power of words in action. See how positivity can breed a whole new atmosphere.

3.) Get moving, exercise, take a class, walk the dog an extra 10 minutes, give an hour of TV time, volunteer, just get out and do something.

Happy trails and please let me know how things go!


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