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It is 2010 and my husband and I still get the oddest of looks when we are out together. People are still not sure what to make of us. I am black and my husband is Mexican, and we have a little girl. It amazes me to see that people are accepting of our daughter, and they are even very complimentary to her. Oh, but my husband and I get the weird looks, the uncertain stairs and the looks of shame. I have yet to understand why inter-racial dating is still such a shock to many people. I’m dumbfounded at the level of closet racists that walk among us. Acceptance is a principle that still has miles of application to go. People actually ask him if being with a black woman is different from being with other women? As if I am alien or something subhuman.  NO!  The answer is no I am no different just my tan is much darker and year around. 

Please understand that I will not bind my heart to love in black only.  If love had come in white, tan or even green I would have embraced it just the same. I don’t see a Mexican, although I often tease him about his nationality (tortillas anyone?). I see the man who changed me, the man who loves me for me, the man who makes me smile even when I want to frown a fierce frown, I see the man who our daughter adores, I see the man that God gave me to have until death do us part. I see all the things in him that most people will never find because their prejudicial and intolerant ways are blocking their sight and consequently their heart. Ever wonder why your still single/lonely? Check your prejudices at the door. 


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  CW wrote @

Amen & Amen!

Black women are entitled to love, respect and nurturing just like anyone else…I often know the difference between a “curious” stare & a “judgmental” one…Don’t mind folk being curious….It amazes me how many minds are still closed!

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