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Are you writing it in the sand, or etching in stone?


I was lying in bed thinking about a comment that had been made, and it got me thinking. Why is it that if a white man tells a black man to get over slavery or the institution of racism he himself must be racist? Or even worse should a black person agree with that very sentiment they must be, “white washed?” Why can’t the both of them just be tired and a people wallowing in the past? Why can’t we understand that God is very explicit in his writings and he is very clear in letting us know that we cannot move forward if we are bound by the past, if we continue to choose to hold onto yesterday. For the most part many of us (Blacks/African Americans) have let go, have realized the tremendous amount of physical and psychological energy needed to hold on to that mentality. So, we have moved on and allowed ourselves to grow. The funny thing about forgiveness is that it does not require forgetting the act that you are forgiving.

The definition of forgiving or forgiveness itself requires that we allow for error or weakness. If you think about that very straight forward definition it makes sense, we have all made mistakes, we have all faltered and we have all certainly fallen short of perfect. In doing those things we expected forgiveness, we expected to grow and we learned what our short comings were and how not duplicate the situation. I think in many respects white people have learned that lesson too. This world is interdependent, we all need each other and we all should love each other. So, black people let it go. Throw those hurtful and enslaved feelings of yesterday away so that you can grab a piece of progression and succession of tomorrow. Its okay to want more for us and to remember the brave and great acts/people of our past that brought us this far and gave so much. White people, stop reminding us, stop hovering and stop trying to create unique ways around the issue. Please don’t accommodate us with your empathy and silly sorrowful comments, just do better, just be better. Acceptance, tolerance and growth are all that can be asked.

Let me close with this, someone once wrote something to this effect, when people hurt us we should write it down in the sands so that the waves of time can wash away the hurt. However, when someone does something good for us, or does good by us we are to etch it in stone so that we will never forget it. So, are you to busy writing in the sand to stop and etch anything in stone? Life is much too short and has too much offer to be stuck in the sands, please find a few stones.


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