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Don’t believe the hype.

I have heard so many excuses as to why people (mostly men) are not buying their significant others Valentine’s Day gifts. It perplexes me that so many people are choosing to ignore Valentine’s day. Here is how I see it, you can’t believe the hype about it being a, “Hallmark” holiday. I don’t think that was the initial intention. I see Valentine’s day this way, and maybe after reading this you will too. Valentine’s Day is one day that is set aside to ensure that we remind the man/woman that is most important to us that we love them, value them, and that above all we appreciate them. This a day to celebrate our affection for one another. With work, school, kids, friends, family, military service and everything else that is going on sometimes we forget to do the little things in our relationships. We forget that extra pickle he likes on his sandwich and not because it isn’t important to us but because life happens.

In my opinion, valentine’s day is a day to remind that love in your life that for all the little things you’ve neglected to do, your sorry and that they are loved. Valentine’s Day is a sure fire way to outwardly express your loving sentiment for one another, and if a few gifts and cards should find there way into the mix than so be it. But don’t ignore a perfect opportunity to covet the love in your life, don’t toss out the chance to physically display your emotional sentiments, don’t feel obligated to buy things just find away to convey appreciation and love.

**I love You honey. Happy Valentine’s Day!**


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