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Debt anyone?

You know yesterday I read an article about a young lady that put herself through undergrad and eventually medical school. Upon completion she had acquired a debt of $555,000! All in student loans. That is a hefty price for an American education. This country has one of the steepest educational cost yet our aptitude scores and standardized testing scores pale in comparison to other countries with much more affordable higher educational costs. It’s as though institutions are financially penalizing those that make it too college, penalizing those who choose higher education. Yet, where is all that money going? How is it benefiting the country, the student, how is it benefiting anyone to be buried by such an insurmountable amount of debt? 

It’ strange because student loans are almost thrown at you when you’re a college student and in most cases without them you simply can’t afford school. It’s a financial catch 22 situation and its a education killer in my opinion. One of the biggest decision in weather or not I would go onto graduate school was the cost! Not the time, not the coursework, not the commute or any of those things, but the thought of taking another loan to finish my education. I had to make a financial plan, a budget and ask myself could I afford graduate school? With the economy in ruins and the number of military applicants on the rise because of the lack of jobs and job security, would it financially behoove me to obtain my graduate degree? I have am still pondering the question. I think we have it all wrong in this country. Over charging for higher education and under paying teachers and professors alike. We spend thousands, hundreds of thousands in some cases to learn to become better informed citizens and intellectuals and we pay those who teach us scraps. 

Maybe if we got things right educationally from the elementary school age and installed a solid educational basis then more kids would go to college. If we focused more on education and not all the fluff, our children would post better aptitude numbers and more people would get into college and just maybe this would combat the high cost of higher education. Did you know that here in Hawaii we have what they call furlough Friday’s? Yeah, for a minimum of two Friday’s a month the kids don’t have school because they state is broke. So, not only did they cut educators salaries they also cancelled classes two Friday’s a month and they release most of the elementary schools at 12:25pm one day a week. Can you believe that? They are robbing these kids of education today only to compound that with financial debt tomorrow. We really have it backwards on this one, we need to do better in terms of our educational institutions and costs. No one should have to bury themselves financially to obtain higher education in the world we live in today those that seek and complete post-secondary education should be rewarded. 



  CW wrote @

It’s basically bass ackwards…You skimp on fundamentals such as education and training, then are shocked with crime rates and otherwise poor performance…SMH!

Hawaii is a nice place for VISITING…And I plan to let everyone know that…Now the people I’ve met are wonderful, but know this is not home…

  mamaoso wrote @

Your right, and we share the same sentiments about Hawaii. Home is on the mainland as they call it.

  CW wrote @

Yeah….I put it a little more “PC” in the blogpost, however astute readers will kind of pick up on that : )

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