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Making my list…

If you have been following my post this is a follow-up to the Tsunami post I published a few days ago. During that post I shared how scared I was for my family’s safety as well as my own. I also urged my readers to really understand the concept that no one is guaranteed tomorrow, if we wake up and God has given us another day he has not only blessed us but given us an invaluable gift. A precious gift that too many of us (myself included) have placed in a drawer or closest and grown ignorant of its presence. I also urged my readers to make amends and forgive those who have hurt them and to rekindle broken relationships. So, to show you guys that I am not only preaching I am practicing; I have made my list and I am giving you access to check it twice!

The anticipation of the impact of the Tsunami alone really left me in a place mentally that I did not want to be in, nor have I ever been before. I started thinking about people that I wronged, people that I have not forgiven, how much better my relationship with God should be, and how much more I need to appreciate all that I have been so mercifully blessed with. I have to love what I already have, let say this part twice. I HAVE TO LOVE WHAT I ALREADY HAVE, in order to receive anything more that God has in store for me. I can’t ask for anything more or truly appreciate anything else until I have come to love and appreciate what great gifts I already been given. So, my list is below and I hope that you take the time to make amends in your life too. Please trust me when I say you don’t ever want your final moments to be filled with prayers of apology for elementary grudges, poor relationships with God, regrets about your life status, or about how you should expressed your love and appreciation of others more.

1. I will take the steps through blogging/journaling to share whatever experience and useful knowledge I have with others in hopes that maybe my words will be helpful to another.

2. I will take steps toward forgiving those who have hurt me, and toward forgiving myself for those that I have hurt.

3. I will express my love and gratitude to my husband and daughter more frequently.

4. I will no longer be annoyed or irritated by my Uncle’s strict family check in policy as he was right in the fact that are days are numbered.

5. I will obtain my Master’s and then go on to my Ph.D.

6. I will be more physically active and become more involved in community service.

7. My husband and I will adopt a child in need.  So we are preparing ourselves financially and emotionally for the task.

8. I will strengthen my relationship with God (This should be # 1).

9. I will read the word more often. In doing so I will mediate on the scriptures and try find away to apply them to my situations.

10. I will be pleasing unto the Lord through my words and actions.

After reading my last two posts will you make some changes in your life?



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