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Wanted-5th graders to fill Gubernatorial & Congressional positions in the State of Hawaii.

**Please forgive any grammatical or other errors that this post may contain as it was written while I was extremely upset and disappointed at the state of this island.** I am sure that by now many of you have read my post regarding the furlough Friday debacle that has plagued the state of Hawaii. That being said I have reached an all-time level of fury in regards to this incredibly ridiculous attempt at making amends for a state budget shortfall. I can only wonder what truly makes the men and women running this state any more qualified to do so than a high-school dropout. How can they preach educational advancement and encourage kids to make better educational choices and then turn around and implement this furlough Friday fiasco? The men and women running this state are doing a fantastic job of depleting this island of the one thing that it is supposed to protect, its people. Allowing the one thing that is necessary for the livelihood of this state to be interrupted only further proves the level of ignorance that these people must possess. I am so sick to my stomach at the decision-making ability that the governor and mayor of this state have displayed.

To top things off this afternoon I was watching the local news and I saw a story that literally had me boiling over with anger and frustration. The state of Hawaii, which is in such dire financial straits that it is deferring payments of its residents’ state tax refunds until July 1st, 2010, has found a way to squeeze $367,000 out of the nonexistent budget to pay city workers to plant trees along a highway on the Westside of the island. Let me say this again, the state of Hawaii is facing a huge deficit. They are so financially hurt that they have decided to take money away from education. They are doing so by allowing elementary schools to dismiss early one day a week on top of the furlough Fridays already in place, and by deferring payments of residents tax refunds until July 1st, 2010. Yet the state has managed to conjure up $367,000 to pay city workers to literally plant trees along a strip of highway. They can’t afford education and the advancement of these islands financially or intellectually because of a financial shortfall, but they can fund a tree planting project? huh? So basically the beautification of local highways is more important than the intellectual advancement of the future leaders of tomorrow? That is pathetic! What the hell is the world coming to? How can so many residents accept things like this? How can a body of people not be more upset that there children are being robbed of a right that is the cause of fines and parental imprisonment? In the states parents are fined and in some instances jailed if their children are truant on too many occasions.  But here, in Hawaii the government has implemented a piece of legislation that legally allows children to play hookie on at least one day a week.

How can these islands be a part of the US? Someone is definitely sleeping on the job. It’s a sad affair because the only people who will suffer are the residents, and the future leaders of tomorrow. At this rate there won’t be much left In terms of education here PERIOD! there won’t be much of anything if the men and women at the top keep making selfish and depleting decision for the state of Hawaii. Any type of city planning or financial planning for the state will eventually have to be handled by outsiders at this rate.


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  CW wrote @

I can certainly understand your frustration…LOL!

The following is what ticked me off:

(Notice how this is a slap in the face to our military servicemembers…They did not ask for PROOF OF ADDRESS, but a Hawaii I.D.)

Lemme get this straight: Our military who as boosted YOUR ECONOMY exorbitantly must pay $3.00 to visit your park? #$%^$##

I consistently blog about support and reciprocity…My goal is to be conscious of where my dollar goes…I have resolved not to put any unnecessary funds into this economy…I will mail-order and pay the extra shipping! Most times the cost is not that bad…

I am soooo trying to be open and objective when it comes to this state, but it is challenging…One of my pet peeves are chronic complainers, so don’t want to be guilty as charged…Enjoy being here with hubby and will make the most of our stay….

FURLOUGH FRIDAYS???? I am not clear…

Where does all the money they gouge from military go?

-State inspections
-Our patronage

Where does all the money they gouge from tourists go?

-Overpriced stores
-Tours & Attractions

Cough it up!

Obviously education is not Hawaii’s priority…

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