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I was doing my thing today and scoping out some of my fellow bloggers blogs and I came across a blog that was pertaining to the Tiger Woods situation. Normally I would not have taken the time to entertain such a topic but a section of the blog caught my eye.  The author of the post seemed to have dedicated the post to the issue of the race of the women Tiger Woods chose to commit adultery with. I was floored by the fact that of everything that happened, that of all the happenstance all this particular blog was focused on was the race of the women. No mention of the number of women he cheated with, no mention of his repeated acts of infidelity or any mention of anything other than race. While I believe that what Tiger did is between him, God and his family, I don’t think if anything we need to be concerned with race when dealing with a situation that encompasses such a large repetition of adultery. Please, understand I am far from a saint and I too have done things that are morally wrong. I cast no judgment on Tiger Woods.

However, the reason I was disappointed with the blog is because for years, centuries black people and minorities alike have been fighting for equality. Minorities have been fighting for equality in the occupational, educational, and social arena. We have fought to gain equal footing and we have fought for the right to live in certain neighborhoods and to befriend whomever our hearts so desired. But, yet and still with the tremendous progress that has been made people are still skeptical and judgmental in terms of interracial relationships. How can we get upset at institutional racism and blatant social discrimination and claim that certain facets of the system are not created equal for all parts if we are still drawing our lines in the sand about interracial romantic relations? Don’t you see that equality is not a principle with a limited application; equality is a broad and far reaching principle. We cannot simply asked to be treated equally and have access to the same tools, occupational opportunities, educational access and social status attainment and then turn our noses up at those who do not draw the line with love in relation to race.  We cannot pick and choose when we want to be equal, and where we want to be equal. Equality is a principle that encompasses totality, entirety.

We will not be equal if we still see race as an issue, if we are still engage in segregating each other romantically. Love is universal and can only really be love when you learn to embrace its characteristics the way God intended. There are levels of love and God clearly states that agape is as close to a perfect love as there is. Agape is the highest and purest level love there is, it is the kind of love that God has bestowed upon us. Once we start realizing that a black man dating a white woman is not an insult or degradation to black women we will be in a better place. Loving someone that does not have the same skin tone, or ethic history does not mean that you don’t value the women of your race. It just means that you opened your heart and your mind to the endless possibility of love that is based on something far greater than skin tone, you opened your heart to agape!



  datGurl! wrote @

I agree with you. It shouldnt matter WHAT the race of the women he cheated with, its the fact that he DID cheat. If he prefers white women, so be it.

Some people see race in everything no matter what. I did a piece on Black On Black Crime-the name of some chicken wings in PA. Some clod came and made it out of a racial thing instead of about the dayum wings. WE TALKIN ABOUT CHICKEN WINGS, DUDE!

Interracial relationships arent that serious these days. EVERYBODY is mixed with something. And everyone should be free to love who they want to, no matter WHAT color or nationality they are.

  mamaosa wrote @

I agree, some people have to throw race into everything. It’s sad but people keep holding on to it. It’s that last excuse, that last issue to hold on too. Thanks for the comment and I’ll be checking out your page.

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