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Toyota- Just when they started moving forward, CA applied the breaks.

As many of you know Toyota has had to recall about 6 million vehicles due to accelerator and brake issues. Equally sad is the state of California’s financial status. In efforts to hold Toyota responsible for their gross negligence Orange County’s District Attorney has decided to file a law suit against Toyota. Upon first reading the full story I had to ask myself, is this being done for the money or the principle issue of consumer safety? I have to say that I am convinced that this is an opportunistic move on California’s part. The suit if won (when it’s won) will generate some revenue for Orange County. In bringing this lawsuit they avoid begging for further handouts from big brother and Schwarzenegger can hide from his state’s budget shortfall just a bit longer. I guess this is one way for the state to ensure that they have some sort of bailout plan. I can only wonder if other states will soon follow suit -No pun intended. In looking at the numbers California’s current budget shortfall is somewhere around, $20.7 billion. Even with the newly signed legislation increasing taxes, taking away from programs and even with money the state managed to derive from federal sources California is still short. This lawsuit could help make up crucial financial ground. Toyotas plunder of grand proportions seems to have fallen in line with California’s financial crisis. I have to say that reading the article it seems like a very calculated move. It seems very capitalistic of Orange County to be filing suit. I guess with the economy as it is even states have to find a hustle.

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