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Jill & Jane- Don’t ask, and don’t tell!

As always I was flipping through some of favorite outlets for news both domestically and internationally when I came across a story that really should not have been a source for fret, but somehow I just could not let go of it. A young lady whom was in the Air Force was ousted after it was discovered that she was lesbian. For those of you who may not know, the US military has a, “don’t ask- don’t tell policy.” At any rate the young lady through a series of events had her sexual preference exposed and as a result she lost her position and was discharged from the AF.

It bothers me because she was good enough to defend her nation when it was assumed that her sexual preference was in line with traditional definitions. However, somehow after finding out the assumption was indeed incorrect this somehow makes her less qualified to defend our nation? So, only people of heterosexual orientation are devoted enough to die for and defend our nation? Her sexual preference has no logical bearing on her ability to serve this country. Please understand that I believe to each his/her own. No one has the right to judge the choices we make or the lifestyles we live but God almighty himself. Does the fact that the person she goes home to is the same sex as her give her less of a reason to fight? Does the fact that her spouse/partner is of the same sex mean that she loves her family any less than I a heterosexual woman love mine? No, absolutely not. Who she sleeps next to has no cause or effect in relation to her job performance.

Not agreeing with someone’s lifestyle or moral choices is no reason to disqualify them to serve our country. Are we trying to send the message that only heterosexual blood is worth spilling? In essence that is the implication, only those of heterosexual orientation are worth this nation allowing them to defend and die for it. I am always perturbed at the way we function as a society nowadays.  I do realize that there have been talks of lifting the policy; they have not gone over so well. I do understand the stigma of homosexual men verses homosexual women. I say where there is a will there is a way. Interestingly enough, Socrates himself was a man of homosexual orientation. One of the greatest philosophers and thinkers of all times was homosexual. As was Plato and Aristotle. Read the books, engage in the critical thinking and draw the conclusions people. I am not saying that homosexuality is right, but I do not believe we have the right to discriminate based on that facet alone.


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