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We as people have to be more cognoscente of the choices we make and the true impact they may have on the lives of those who love us. Until recently I never looked at some of the situations I have been in as a direct result of other’s choices, but rather as a matter of happenstance. My mother chose to abuse drugs and later in her life alcohol, and as a result of her habits she became unable to care for us which lead to the state stepping in and removing us from our home. Her choice to abuse drugs and alcohol had tremendous consequences for not only her but for her children as well. I was forced to make choices regarding situations that I had been placed in due to her addiction. In her abuse she took away my option to choose what direction I wanted to go in in certain facets of my life. Her choices of yesterday had lasting effects on my life years after the fact.

Did she realize that? I am sure she didn’t, and that right there is the problem with the world today. There is a young lady that I work with that always tells me that I am methodical in my decision making process, and until she said that I never thought about it. The fact of the matter is that I don’t have the right to make choices for other people. When I make irresponsible choices that affect others in essence that is exactly what I am doing. Now, granted that I cannot foresee the future and have no way of knowing the true scope of my actions. Never-the-less, I can make sure that I am methodical and responsible in my arriving at whatever decision I do finally make. I can exercise the best judgment possible so that I minimize any potentially negative impacts I may have on the lives of my loved ones. If we all learned to be more selfless and less selfish the world would really be a better place. Having free will to choose is a tremendous human feature, we owe it to our creator, to our families, our friends and our world to do a better job of exercising our free will. Reckless regard for others is over rated and selfish. Our choices have tangible and psychological effects that are transferred to others. Let’s try to make decisions that limit any potentially adverse effects to ourselves.


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