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Is Hawaiian Education worth the dip into the Hurricane Disaster Fund?


Now, if you read my previous post about the Furlough Friday situation in Hawaii you would have concluded that I am by far a fan of the idea. I am of the mindset that the deficit could have been handled by cutting funds from elsewhere. However, a decision was made earlier this year that ended the 17 planned Furlough Fridays that were initially set for the 2010-2011 school year.  Well, I am excited about the fact that the children of Hawaii will have the opportunity to once more make the best of their instruction, I am dismayed to find out how they decided to fund the end of Furlough Fridays. It is a trifold funding solution, According to Governor Linda Lingles website the funds will come from the following sources: $57.2 million from the Hurricane Relief Fund, $2.2 million in federal funds, and six planning days the teachers have agreed to give back to the state. A $10 million line of credit from local banks is also available if needed.

I am sure you are thinking and what is wrong with that? The problem is they robbed Peter to pay Paul. Taking from the disaster fund in my opinion was a huge no-no. This is an island, we are surrounded by water and with all that has happened at the hands of Mother Nature I don’t think we should be dipping into funds that we cannot replace. Again, there are other areas that the funding could have come from. We have roadwork projects that could be put off, we have the focus on the rail system and money being funneled into that and the list goes on. The other issue I have is with the banks being readily available to loan the state $10 million, this means that some bank CEO’s have politicians on speed dial. The banking industry now has the political industry by the throat.