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I’m a Navy wife and mother of one, who obviously has lots to say about everything. I am a full-time college student, graduate student here soon (yay). I live in Hawaii and I am learning to accept the local ways and attitude of Aloha. I may not subscribe to them, but I have learned to accept them. With all that is going on in the world I needed a place to voice my opinions and to erect a little controversy here and there. So, get reading, thinking and then responding.

There are three things I have no tolerance for: Ignorance, racism and closed-minded people. If you fall into any of those boxes, please just read and don’t respond.



  lever wrote @

Hi, Chrissy!

I’m thinking about doing a professional sabbatical in Hawaii, Oahu specifically. I’m an Af-Am woman and would LOVE to connect with you to learn a few things about what I should anticipate and prepare for. The decision isn’t etched in stone; however, Oahu is one of the top contenders, that is, even if I don’t spend the entire time there, I’m thinking spending a month of rest/relaxation there. Can we talk? :o)

  mamaoso wrote @

Of course we can talk! I would be more than happy to accommodate you in way possible. This is a great place for rest and relaxation. My e-mail is: please feel free to contact me there. I’m sorry and your name was?

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