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Happy Easter!!

Please member that today is about more than egg-hunts and easter dresses. Please remember that today marks a profound day, please recall the selfless act that only God himself could endure. Give thanks and show appreciation for the life that he has given you.


Are our days numbered?

I was hoping to get some insight from the masses. Has anyone seen the movie 2012? I just saw it on Blu-Ray and it was really shocking. I am a God-fearing person, and looking at the end of days portrayed in a movie seemed a bit ire. They say the Mayans predicted that the world would end in catastrophe on 12/21/12. I want to know if any of you find that plausible? I want to know if any of you think that our days here are now numbered to 1,021 days by their calendar? After the Tsunami situation and the crazy whether we have had here in Hawaii I am starting to wonder about the state of the world. Earthquakes in Chile and Argentina, devastation in Haiti, and CA was also hit by the aftermath of the Chile quake. Then we look at our neighbors abroad and all the war and famine there, what else can it be but the end of days? What other logical or scientific justification is there? I think we should all realize that whether the Mayans were right or wrong, our days are numbered.

I would really appreciate some participation on this one. I am curious as to what many of you believe, or if any of you have even given thought to it. With so much information out there and so much one can believe, I want to know what it is that you believe. I just know in my heart that we are living in the last days. In my opinion the warning signs are there. But I have heard to many other theories and accounts of what has happened lately that I think I want to know what others believe at this point. So, please participate. Please comment and share your thoughts/beliefs.

Making my list…

If you have been following my post this is a follow-up to the Tsunami post I published a few days ago. During that post I shared how scared I was for my family’s safety as well as my own. I also urged my readers to really understand the concept that no one is guaranteed tomorrow, if we wake up and God has given us another day he has not only blessed us but given us an invaluable gift. A precious gift that too many of us (myself included) have placed in a drawer or closest and grown ignorant of its presence. I also urged my readers to make amends and forgive those who have hurt them and to rekindle broken relationships. So, to show you guys that I am not only preaching I am practicing; I have made my list and I am giving you access to check it twice!

The anticipation of the impact of the Tsunami alone really left me in a place mentally that I did not want to be in, nor have I ever been before. I started thinking about people that I wronged, people that I have not forgiven, how much better my relationship with God should be, and how much more I need to appreciate all that I have been so mercifully blessed with. I have to love what I already have, let say this part twice. I HAVE TO LOVE WHAT I ALREADY HAVE, in order to receive anything more that God has in store for me. I can’t ask for anything more or truly appreciate anything else until I have come to love and appreciate what great gifts I already been given. So, my list is below and I hope that you take the time to make amends in your life too. Please trust me when I say you don’t ever want your final moments to be filled with prayers of apology for elementary grudges, poor relationships with God, regrets about your life status, or about how you should expressed your love and appreciation of others more.

1. I will take the steps through blogging/journaling to share whatever experience and useful knowledge I have with others in hopes that maybe my words will be helpful to another.

2. I will take steps toward forgiving those who have hurt me, and toward forgiving myself for those that I have hurt.

3. I will express my love and gratitude to my husband and daughter more frequently.

4. I will no longer be annoyed or irritated by my Uncle’s strict family check in policy as he was right in the fact that are days are numbered.

5. I will obtain my Master’s and then go on to my Ph.D.

6. I will be more physically active and become more involved in community service.

7. My husband and I will adopt a child in need.  So we are preparing ourselves financially and emotionally for the task.

8. I will strengthen my relationship with God (This should be # 1).

9. I will read the word more often. In doing so I will mediate on the scriptures and try find away to apply them to my situations.

10. I will be pleasing unto the Lord through my words and actions.

After reading my last two posts will you make some changes in your life?



Yesterday (2/27/10) The Hawaiian Island’s was spared of what could have been a devastating situation. As some of you know my family and I are stationed here in Pearl Harbor and we live in the City of Kapolei, both of which are located on the island of Oahu. Well we awoke to the sound of the emergency siren blaring as loud anything I have ever heard. We were under Tsunami warning, not a watch but a warning. We were notified that we along with all the other islands that make of the state of Hawaii would be hit by a Tsunami that was a result of the devastating 8.8 earthquake that leveled Chile and would later go on to cause a quake in Argentina and some damage to the city of Ventura in California.

We were given an approximate time of impact with no indication of the size of the waves but the way it  was portrayed was as though we were in for something potentially shattering. I have never felt so helpless and scared in my life. All I could do was pray and prepare my family a natural disaster. It was in the waiting and praying that I realized how real that old expression, “tomorrow is promised to one,” really is. I went to bed and all was well, and I woke to find out that my life, my world, my family could all be taken in an instance. Or it could have been at least disrupted in a very significant way.  In waiting for our estimated time of impact and in between the praying and all the rest of the mental preparation I realized that I have not even scratched the surface of my life. I am 26 years old and I realized that part of my final preparation involved some apologies and I’ll do better Lord and even some regrets. That is awful, my last minutes should have been full of prayer, memorable moments and life fulfilling events. That let me know that I am not living the life God has for me. I am not accessing what this island or this life he has been given to me has to offer.

I never want my final minutes to be robbed of prayer and family reflection because I have unfinished business. So, I urge you to think about your life, think about the people that have wronged you, the person that you love but have never told, the absent parent in your life, that trip that you keep thinking about, that little voice that tells you to volunteer and  in doing so get up and get moving. Life really is too short and tomorrow is a huge gift from God himself. Every day that you wake up should be another chance to do better, do more and enjoy more than the day before. Even more so it is a chance to get right with God. You don’t want to be regretful of the relationship that you had with your creator, you don’t want to be in doubt, and believe me you don’t want to be trying to bargain with him in your final moments. So please, step up your relationship with our father, give more than you did yesterday to your relationship with him. Please people don’t wait to do things tomorrow; your tomorrow may not be there. So call your parent, sibling, ex-best friend, or whomever your holding that grudge against and forgive them so that you can forgive yourself and move on. Let go of angry baggage and mend broken fences. Stop putting of trips and volunteer events, affect your world today, and do it now.

Are you?

Yesterday I was discussing my educational goals with a coworker and came to realize that for some time now I have secretly been afraid of reaching my goal. Coming to that realization made me wonder how many other things in my life have I put off because of unconscious fear? How many times have you done that? Self-sabotaging yourself that is? I think we do it more often than we realize. We do it in our relationships, at work, with family, friends, in our educational endeavors and in our relationship with God. I think we get used to things going a certain way and we unconsciously seek out people and situations that are in line with our expectations. We can’t do that, it’s not conducive to a happy and healthy God fearing life.

In love we often settle for what comes our way. We settle because for most of us someone is better than no one. Or, at least that is what we think. That is so very wrong. That is a mindset that will cause emotional enslavement. You can never be happy if you settle. You have to understand yourself worth and own it. If you picked losers’ in past find out what it was about them that attacked you and change that. We also have to remember that in the beginning things are always good and they always treat you better than the last guy/girl because you have told what went wrong. You have unconsciously and consciously told what not to do and how not to behave. I know in revealing what you want and what previously went wrong you’re just trying to make sure that you don’t make the same mistake, and that you lay out your expectations from the start. But that is not what’s happening. You’re self-sabotaging. When looking for life mates remember a few things. Don’t tell him/her what your ex did wrong, instead just let them know that they were not the one for you. Save that conversation for when you have been dating regularly and often, about 6 months in. Also avoid comparing. In doing so we are self-sabotaging. The new and the old are apples to oranges. Remember to change the way you select a mate. Try listening to what is being said all the time instead of some of the time. Warning signs and intentions are often found in the simplest conversations, and finally KNOW YOUR WORTH!

 With life in general always know where you stand. Don’t be afraid to step out the box, you have nothing to lose by bettering yourself. It is the same with God. Stop telling yourself that because of your transgressions that you can’t seek him, that you can’t go to him. That is so wrong. He is a loving God and one of mercy and never ending forgiveness. His good will is always available you and me both. If you seek that love/forgiveness your life can’t help but improve. When we align ourselves with God and learn to love ourselves the way he has always loved us wow the things that can happen. Loving ourselves the way he loves us creates this fire in you that you can’t imagine. Doors open, raises happen, we start loving ourselves, confidence begins to over flow and our quality of life surely improves. So, stop putting it off, stop self-sabotaging your relationship with him. Finally go back to school; I don’t care how old you are. Make yourself educationally and occupationally valuable. In today’s world you need a leg an up, so hit the books!


I was wondering what I was going to blog about today, and then after reading my daily devotional it hit me. Today I am thankful. I have been so blessed and God has really done a 360 in my life. Have you ever had one of those days when you look up and realize that things are as they should be? That you have progressed in ways that you had not realized? Have you ever awakened and just been thankful for all that you had? Well, today is that day for me. I feel a need to acknowledge the blessings in my life and share that with you all. How often have you done that? Take a moment to sit with yourself and discover all the things that you have to be thankful for. I have been given a husband that is my equal, a man that understands the value of family and the importance of taking care of family. Yet he is sensitive and understanding and his heart is so big, but he’s no push over and he knows exactly how to handle my tantrums. In addition to my husband we were blessed with a happy, healthy, energetic, intelligent, and beautiful little girl. She is so smart and her imagination is so incredible. Her cognitive ability is so astounding. 

Then there is the fact that we are blessed with a home that is ours and even though the economy is in ruins we have been blessed to be able to maintain the lifestyle we are used to. Our vehicles work and we are both employed. We have on the table and clothes on our back. What more can I ask for? Nothing, God woke me up this morning and has taken care of my needs and in many ways my wants too. So, don’t wait for Thanksgiving to be thankful for what you have. Stop today and give thanks, and be mindful of what you have today because if you’re not you will never ever be ready for the gifts that God may have waiting for you tomorrow. Appreciate things genuinely and you will be surprised at what is in store for you.