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Death of Interpersonal Communiction!

It’s 7:52am and I can guarantee you that at least 75% of the school aged kids with cell phones have texted, update their status or played a game on their phone or other mobile device already. The sad reality is that as parents we are buying them these devices that allow them to ignore their educational instruction, preoccupy their time with gossip and nonsense, and that promote the decline of interpersonal communications. Our children are learning that instant is the way to go. These adolescences are bashing each other via text message, or spill intimate and hurtful details about one and other via Facebook and MySpace updates. They are exposing their personal information and depicting inappropriate pictures and information about themselves to people they don’t know.

Even more disturbing is the number of inappropriate and compromising photos of girls, and in some cases young boys that are posted on these social networking platforms. Even sadder than that is the number of you parents who have no clue what your child is really up too. Is there really a need for the cell that you bought them to do anything more than place a call? Is there a reason that the MP3 player’s that you’re buying them have to do anything more than play music? I don’t think so. We are giving our children way too much free reign. We are widening the area of public exposure to predators and lessen out safety nets by giving the access to all this instant content and these social networks. We have rules in my house, we have boundaries and we have family time. When was the last time you had a dinner that was text message free, IPod free? Or even altogether as a family unit? Think about it, I’ll wait….Really people we are helping to incite the decline of the family unit and promoting harmful and distasteful social behaviors? Get to know your children, ask those questions, check text messages, check up on them, use parental controls to limit their internet access, and more importantly spend some time with them. Get them a real hobby, something like sports, music, drama, band, volunteering, or a summer job.

Stop giving them so much alone time, so much cyber-time, and stop promoting physical anti-social behavior. It is our job to protect our children and to teach our children and we can’t possibly be teaching them anything that is valuable or productive when they spend an average of 6-8 hours a day Facebooking, MySpacing and text messaging. Where is there room for anything else?