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Happy Easter!!

Please member that today is about more than egg-hunts and easter dresses. Please remember that today marks a profound day, please recall the selfless act that only God himself could endure. Give thanks and show appreciation for the life that he has given you.


Forward March!


Often times in my life I have gotten so wrapped up in forging ahead, in progression and success that I have forgotten to enjoy and celebrate many of the milestones that I have achieved. It was my husband who pointed out my continuous need to progress and not enjoy. With a background like mine good things never lasted too long. Whenever I began to get comfortable or content with my surroundings things would change, and usually for the worse. I remember at one point in my adolescences I was convinced that the month of October was synonymous with all things pertaining to death. It seemed like many of the people that I loved were taken from me in all in the month of October. Sadly, two very key people in my young life were murdered senselessly over some very petty situations. So, because of my past experiences and my need to push on I have let so many milestones pass me by. Happiness knows me only for a moment and then for me it’s on to the next goal, milestone, or whatever the case maybe.

He made me realized that while I know that we are blessed, that I am blessed acknowledging the blessings and enjoying them are really two different things. I have said repeatedly that you must appreciate what you have before God give you anything more. I am a hypocrite in sorts because while I acknowledge the blessings and thank God so much for them, I don’t enjoy them. How can I want more, how can he give me more when I have not learned the art of enjoyment, or innocent self-indulgence? The answer in short is he cannot. I can’t go to him with a new set of goals and ask him to repeatedly help me achieve them if when I get there I forget in the shuffle of moving ahead to enjoy the place he has brought me too. In my hast in moving ahead and ignoring the joy my gifts are intended to bring I am not reciprocating God like behavior, and I am not showing him that I appreciate and enjoy what he has done for me. I am not demonstrating to him that I can handle happiness and truly enjoy success. I have great aspirations but I need to learn to stop and simmer. Boiling is good sometime but life is short and if I don’t enjoy the good today well, we know that I may not have a chance to tomorrow. Please, stop and smell a rose, and allow yourself to become lost its enticing aroma. I will if you will!


I was wondering what I was going to blog about today, and then after reading my daily devotional it hit me. Today I am thankful. I have been so blessed and God has really done a 360 in my life. Have you ever had one of those days when you look up and realize that things are as they should be? That you have progressed in ways that you had not realized? Have you ever awakened and just been thankful for all that you had? Well, today is that day for me. I feel a need to acknowledge the blessings in my life and share that with you all. How often have you done that? Take a moment to sit with yourself and discover all the things that you have to be thankful for. I have been given a husband that is my equal, a man that understands the value of family and the importance of taking care of family. Yet he is sensitive and understanding and his heart is so big, but he’s no push over and he knows exactly how to handle my tantrums. In addition to my husband we were blessed with a happy, healthy, energetic, intelligent, and beautiful little girl. She is so smart and her imagination is so incredible. Her cognitive ability is so astounding. 

Then there is the fact that we are blessed with a home that is ours and even though the economy is in ruins we have been blessed to be able to maintain the lifestyle we are used to. Our vehicles work and we are both employed. We have on the table and clothes on our back. What more can I ask for? Nothing, God woke me up this morning and has taken care of my needs and in many ways my wants too. So, don’t wait for Thanksgiving to be thankful for what you have. Stop today and give thanks, and be mindful of what you have today because if you’re not you will never ever be ready for the gifts that God may have waiting for you tomorrow. Appreciate things genuinely and you will be surprised at what is in store for you.